What is EverSAFU V2 Auto-Compounding

EverSAFU Version 2 (ES2) provides a decentralized financial asset that rewards users through its auto-compounding and autostaking ASAR protocol.

The ES2 Auto-Staking Protocol and Auto-Reflection (ASAR for short) is a new financial protocol that makes staking easier, more efficient and awards $ES2 token holders some of the highest stable returns in crypto.

ASAR gives the $ES2 token automatic staking and compounding features that include BUSD Reflections, as well as, one of the highest Fixed APY's on the market at 383,125.80% for the first 12 months.

Fastest Auto-compounding protocol - The ES2 Protocol pays every $ES2 Token holder every 15 minutes and 96 times everyday, making it one the fastest auto-compounding protocols in crypto.

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